Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's my party, and I'll post if I want to

So I'm 25 today. I know I said I wasn't going to post until April, but this is a fluff post anyhow. It's my special goddamn day, I'll post if I want to.

And how special IS it?


Here's a list of some famous people who share my birthday:

Kiera Knightley -- Right on
Amy Smart -- She's fun too
Martin Short -- Don't hold it against me
James Caan -- He's pretty cool, what I've seen
Alan Arkin -- Same
Leonard Nimoy -- I win
Duncan Hines -- Yep, the cake guy
Tennessee Williams -- I got a couple awards doing a monologue from Glass Menagerie my Senior year
Richard Dawkins -- SHIT YEAH BITCHES



Also on this day in history, the Heaven's Gate cult killed themselves (1997), James Dobson founded the anti-gay organization Focus on the Family (1977), and Auschwitz received its first female prisoners (1942). And Beethoven died (1827).

At the same time, Jonas Salk publically announced his successful creation of the polio vaccine (1953), the U.S. secured Iwo Jima (1945), the hippies did some shit in NYC (1967), and, oh yeah, I WAS BORN (1983), so I think it tips the scales of the day from "balanced out" to "fucking awesome".

And if that's not enough, I got Dawkins AND Campbell. Go ahead and TRY to beat that.

Whadda YOU got, December 5? Frankie Muniz and Ray Comfort? Fuck off. Also, you killed Mozart.

...Fuck. You've also got Fritz Lang and Walt Disney.


...uh... about July 28?

Yeah. Yeah. That's more like it. Best you got is Jim Davis and Lori Loughlin, TV's "Rebecca" on Full House. And Britain got its first potato. Whoopdee-do. We also have you to blame for Soulja Boy.

December 18? Sure, you've got Spielberg and Brad Pitt. You've also got Stalin and Katie Holmes.

That's right. Katie Holmes. You monsters.

And you killed Chris Farley.

...but really, I'm sure they're all great birthdays. It's just mine is the BEST. I brought cake, Spock, and the Hero's Journey. Stick THAT up your first potato, Britain.

Think your birthday rules? Check it out on Wikipedia, and make your case.


Katie said...

Well, Mr. Scott, you sure had me fooled. I had finally convinced myself that, no, you weren't going to post until April, an dhad stopped checking. Lo and behold, Brian told me you posted! So I check.

I share a birthday with Nicholas Cage and Katie Couric. Other than that, a lot of kings and such. Mine's still the best, tho. Galileo observed Jupiter's four largest moons for the first time, AND my birthday is freaking CHRISTMAS in the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Christian churches using the Julian calendar.

Now to find out how to convert to Oriental Orthodox...

Daniel Broadway said...

Happy birthday, Mike. The best thing about your birthday is Spock, though.

I'm sure you'll understand why I feel that way.

Monica said...

Happy Birthday!

I share my birthday with such dignitaries as Emperor Hirohito, Wiliam Randolph Hearst,John Waters, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Willie Nelson.
On this day Hitler married his longtime sweatheart, Eva Braun. The Los Angeles Riots started. Botany Bay was discovered, and Joan of Arc burned at the stake.
I conclude that this day is significant for politicians and artists. Luckily I fall into the category of the latter.

Filipe Monteiro said...

Congratulations, Mike.

May this new year bring you months of jo- D'oh.

Simpsons' quote... Kinda.

Anyway... Congratulations, Mike. I hope you enjoy this new year.

~fjrsm or Filipe Monteiro

RhysFletcher said...

Happy Birthday Mr Scott Sir, hope the day went good for ya.

Hope all is well.

wierd though, a birthday cake is the only food you can blow on and spit on and everybody rushes to get a piece. lol