Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sony Releases New Piece of Shit that Doesn't Fucking Work

Brilliant, biting, and like all good satire, way too fucking true.


Martin Brennand said...

Absolutely hilarious!

TheGamut said...

I want one! Everthing that comes from Sony is beautiful!

I still remember in 2001 (if memory servers) that one of the Vaio laptops would make a nice, perfectly circular gouge on DVDs, rendering them unplayable after that one time.

It would play once, putting a deep scratch about halfway down the disc after the lens had already pasted that point, so you had no idea what it was doing until you either tried to play it again or ejected the DVD and turned it over. That was a very unique attempt at one-time-play DRM. (I wonder if anyone was able to get their ruined DVD replaced by Sony. I say DVD instead of DVDs because if someone tried a second one [despite Sony insisting people try it with another DVD], what's that they say... "fool me twice"?)

I also remember their rootkit. That was flat out genius. (They weren't the only ones to blame, though. The idea of autoplay of any removeable device is stupid, IMHO.)

Star Wars Galaxies.


Digital Camcorders.

I'd invest in their company right now (if I knew anything about the market, which I obviously don't). :P