Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I don't believe in any gods or religion, and so the root of the word "holiday" ("holy day") is not particularly meaningful.

But let's be honest, the so-called holidays are mostly secularized at this point, and spending time with loved ones, eating good food, and of course exchanging tokens of affection, are all plenty meaningful, whatever particular mythology you choose (or not) to append to the season.

So happy holidays and enjoy them everyone!


Rin said...

I'll drink to that!

Drew Mazanec said...

May you have a wonderful and joyous holiday as well!

TheGamut said...

I still call it Christmas. :) Everyone else here does. It's easier than saying "those days/holidays/vacation days at the end of the Western calendar where people spend time with each other spreading good feelings around and exchange gifts and get to take vacation".

I think I know the original reasons behind the season, but I also know that what was intended originally has changed and become a wide range of ideas behind one annual environmental event. In the same spirit (pun not intended, but I like it anyway), I interpret it in my own way.

(It's not like everyone else agrees on their interpretations anyway.) :P

My reason for the season: If we did this all year-'round, we'd either go broke, have some schmuck reap all the benefits from everyone else's good intentions, never really have a chance to appreciate these things, or not have the organization to do it up right. It's easier to coordinate with a set date, but that brings a stationary target for commercialism. You take the good with the bad, though. What you do with it is still up to you.