Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dear Cracked: Eat All the Crow

Part of the primary thesis of yesterday's post is that Fox, while seemingly completely in their rights to claim ownership of the distribution rights to Watchmen, should have said something much earlier. Like, when Warner Bros. first announced that they were making Watchmen, Fox should have said, "Um. No."

Well, as it turns out, they did. Not only was the lawsuit under discussion filed in February, but indications are that Fox did, in fact, speak up when WB first announced their intentions to make the Watchmen film. Essentially the conversation went like this.

WB: We're making Watchmen!

Fox: Hold on, we own that. You need to pay the buy-out price.

WB: You don't own it. Go screw.

Fox: Seriously, we'll take it to court.

WB: Try it, we dare you.

Court: Yeah, they own it.

WB: Fuck.

Fox isn't completely off the dick-eating hook here as a studio; they deserve to choke on Dick Mountain for their treatment of Firefly alone. But they're off the hook somewhat for their actions re: Watchmen, since it looks like they did what we the whingers said they should have done. WB should definitely have done their homework a little better on this one.


casey cosker said...

Although it should be noted that Warner Bros. owns DC Comics, which published Watchmen. Which may have been why Warner Bros. thought they were more secure than they actually were.

The problem we, as fans, have is that we just want to see the damn movie.

Oh, and speaking of Joss Whedon creations, it's also worth noting that Fox has condemned Dollhouse to an early death by putting it in their Friday night slot right next to that terrible Terminator show. Which means that anybody who isn't home on a Friday night (i.e. anybody who has a life) will have to Tivo it, buy the DVDs, or watch it online.

TheGamut said...

Re: Joss (starring Joss)