Thursday, May 15, 2008

I now pronounce you...

So great non-filmmaking news today: the Supreme Court of the state of California (where I live) has just overturned the standing ban on gay marriage, declaring it "unconstitutional".

Now, I'm not looking to get married any time soon, but it's seven flavors of bullshit to have that option refused to me. So it's great that the state Supreme Court sees it the same way. But of course, there are the jackasses who now want to change the state constitution to restrict marriage to opposite-sex couples.

First of all, it always astonishes me that these people insist that the proponents of gay marriage are attempting to "redefine" what marriage is, when in fact they are the ones changing laws and amending constitutions in an attempt to -- say it with me -- redefine marriage to fit into their small-brained, bigoted worldview.

I have yet to have a single person give me a valid reason that "marriage" should be restricted to opposite-sex couples. Hint: "The Bible says" automatically invalidates your reason, because the Bible isn't the basis of American law. But that's a digression I'm in no particular mood for, because cooler heads have prevailed today.

In a surprising turn of events, Governor Schwarzenegger, who has repeatedly vetoed attempts to legalize gay marriage, has stated: "I respect the court's decision and as governor, I will uphold its ruling. Also, as I have said in the past, I will not support an amendment to the constitution that would overturn this [ruling]."

Indeed, although he has not supported gay marriage, citing Proposition 22, he has supported domestic partnerships, declaring that the Supreme Court and the voters were the ones who needed to decide about gay marriage. Prop 22 is out and it sounds like he plans to stick to his word. Maybe I need to take back some of the things I've said about him.

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Mark said...


Daniel Broadway said...

Well, I think this is a good thing.

I am not gay myself of course, but I don't think denying gay marriage is right. You are completely right, there is no other excuse other than "The Bible says..." which is also a bullshit excuse in my eyes.

I do wonder however, why gays are so adamant about gay marriage being recognized. I mean, if the goverment won't recognize your marriage, just live together anyway. There is no law against that.

When it comes right down to it, the only difference between living with your partner, and being married, is just a piece of paper that says 'you're married'. Maybe some tax breaks, but I don't hear the complaint from gays about 'equal taxes for gay partners.'

At it's core, having goverment recognize gay marriage is just a way for gays to feel like they are more accepted in society, nothing more.

My advice to gay couples would be, if society won't accept you, then screw society and do your own thing anyway. Just live together, and forget that little piece of paper that says 'you're married.'

Marriage at it's core is a religious practice anyway, and gays who are atheist such as yourself, shouldn't really give a shit about marriage anyway.

Daniel Broadway said...

I misspelled "government" in that last comment, I wish blogspot would let you edit comments.

Katie said...

In principal, I agree, screw the government and go your own way.

But, I disagree. Marriage is more than a piece of paper and some tax breaks. It is the ability to made decisions regarding health care, children, and what happens to your money and property after you die. Without a license, partners can not even go IN to the hospital to see their partner, and are certainly not allowed to make decisions regarding their care. As a wife, I have that option - if my husband can't speak for himself for whatever reason, I can sign papers for him allowing him to get treatment, and make decisions regarding his treatment. Gay partners have no such luxury. In addition, if no one is specifically named in a will, the property and money of a person will go to the state, even if they have a gay partner. I believe there are also some issues with child custody, but I don't know that for sure.

As you can see, though, it's more than just a piece of paper. In addition, it's their fundamental right as humans to have that piece of paper, even if that was all it was.

I think this is a step in the right direction. We need to keep going.

Robin Alexander said...

Frankly I don't see what the big problem is. Maybe they're scared to break tradition or something, I don't know. But I'm all for it. I'm not homosexual, but I think they have the same rights as us heterosexual people. They're humans after all. But then again, people don't seem to care if we're human or insect.

RhysFletcher said...

Well good to see there taking a step in the right direction. Im not gay myself, but im all for it.

Vapes said...

I like that George Takei has already taken advantage of this.

Good show, CA.

Bo said...

Yeah man, I agree with Daniel B. there, that being married is literally just a piece of paper. I know people that are together as if married but not "officially" married and they are just as happy. Small mindedness and prejudice are going to be around as long as we are free willed humans. I say who cares if you can't get married as defined by law....written by humans...when you can be just as happy being together. Hell, it makes about as much sense as an 18 year old kid who can join the service, and fire a weapon and kill for his country...yet can't legally drink. Together is together no matter how you define it. You don't need a document to say you are together. Hell, you don't need a degree to get a job in a lot of cases, but a lot of people are still working. =)

DJ Smack Mackey said...

it's funny, cause I think marriage in general is ridiculous. :) I'm married, and love my wife, but I don't need anything legal to keep me with her.
That said, marriage is very important to other people, and it should never be something that is denied two consenting adults. Or more. Polygamy doesn't bother me either, as long as it's what everyone involved wants. but that's an argument for another time.

TheGamut said...

I'm just now getting back this far. So I am very, very late to the game. (Maybe I should have started at the other end of the blog, but I often think it makes more sense to start with the most current states of mind and work backwards through the experiences that led to them.

So, that being said, I didn't know you are gay (which is great, I think). I've always held the belief that to make it a non-issue is to make it a non-issue with none of that "in your face" business that just makes people resist against it even more. ("Never be ashamed of how you were born, but only what you do can ever be worthy of pride." I've said that for years.)

It's also a little sad that you're gay, though. The world needs more breeders who are smart (and good looking) rather than the nitwits having children left and right (and are "butt-ugly"). Me and my partner are, of course, out of the breeding race, too. I know there are other options in procreation, but it's just not the same. Instead, we'll likely be accepting someone else's offspring into our lives... once that is allowed.

Now to the point of the blog: The problem with the gov not recognizing it is: Hetro marriage (which isn't any more respected or disrespect by the participating couples than anyone else's marriage) is solved with a couple of signatures granting all kinds of rights and tax situations. Please, find articles regarding "Fair Tax" and read about the legal problems unmarried partners face with property, ownership, sharing, guardianship, etc.

The current situation has created huge legal loopholes for unmarried couples to exploit in cruel ways when there is a falling out (ways that from which married couples are protected for good reason). Such exploits have sadly been attempted already, some with success.

When one cannot co-sign on mortgage or the like, the one paying the mortgage could face an extra gift tax if (and only if) they are not married (and with the opposite case if the partner has contributions to the mortgage on record).

Accepted marriages avoid all that with a couple of signatures and a little fee. Gay couples have to create legal entities, which cost quite a bit money for registration and legal advising.

That is why many gay couples want marriage. Some do just want the status. Others just want the equality. After all, it's not like straight people have never gotten married just for the status.