Monday, May 12, 2008

The future has landed...

Still pretty tired for a long weekend, but I had to share that this morning I received a call from FedEx informing me that I had four packages from "" awaiting me at the local depot. The whole drive back home I was giddy with equal parts anticipation and sleep deprivation (hell of a shoot this weekend).

And now, in my hands is RED ONE #1028. We shot a short "unbox" video of me cutting open the cardboard and getting my hands on the cam that I will either post or forget all about, we'll see.

RED users have established a tradition of giving their cameras names, which started with the codenames RED gave their own early prototype cameras. It's not mandatory, but I like the idea. This first run of REDs is something of a "limited edition" and I enjoy the notion of having a camera that is more personal than just a serial number.

I'm a massive Lovecraft fan and I really feel like the camera should have a Lovecraftian name, but I think "Cthulhu" or "Yog-Sothoth" would be a little too over-the-top for the RED ONE camera1, and "Pickman" and "Carter" are a little too generic as names (although Carter, being a master of dreams, is probably the most appropriate if you know the lore). I also don't want to name the camera after a story or character I might actually shoot someday, since that's a little self-referential and weird, which is another reason those are out.

So, I've settled on "Alhazred;" the character was a madman who had wild visions, and although you never see him, his presence, as author of the Necronomicon, is felt behind every story Lovecraft wrote. I think it's an appropriate moniker for a camera. Plus who can resist the fact that the name includes the syllable "red".

So yeah, short post, and we haven't shot anything with it yet (a few more missing pieces have to make their way to my doorstep), but it's coming, people. Oh, is it coming.

  1. Although if we upgrade to an Epic, I think I could be justified in having that camera take the name of a Great Old One or an Outer God.

    "Azathoth" has a great ring to it.


Rin said...

And a good name it is. Heres to the future!

Brett said...

"Al has Red." Does that make you "Al?"

Please let the world know what you think of the camera and the company now that you have your hands on it. I've been eyeing the Scarlet for my own use.

Daniel Broadway said...

Fantastic. You must be excited beyond words. Well, if you're not to o tired anyway,heh. Congrats on your new toy. Yes, you know it is a toy, even if you use it for actual work. :)

Bryan Harley said...

It finally came! Awesome man!