Friday, April 11, 2008

My Technology > Yours

So, as those following me on Twitter ( [dead-eyed shell of a man] JOIN US [/shell] ) will already know, I have just today been approved for a loan in the amount of approximately $55,000 in order to purchase my RED ONE digital cinema camera.

Two things about this:

1) Fucking
2) Sweet.

How do I feel right now? Some gut-churning combination of "euphoric" and "terrified". I've never had a responsibility for that much money at a go in my entire life. My biggest debt -- the one that took me five years to pay off -- was $10,000. This is five times that, and my repayment term is three years. There's a lot of pressure to make a success of this, but hopefully I find that I thrive that way.

Anyway, got a script to finish and then I've got three days in Vegas for NAB. Won't be blogging, will be Twittering.

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Woah dude.