Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back to India -- Kalluri Vaanil

So, I've continued watching "Animus" and I have decided that I do in fact love the film. The more I watch it the more I notice, both in terms of what he did and what he was trying to do. It ain't perfect, but it's still good stuff.

Anyway, moving on.

This next video's most popular iteration on YouTube is titled "Crazy Indian Music Video". It's actual title is "Kalluri Vaanil" and it's by the artist Prabhu Deva. Before I researched the short (and given that I don't speak the language, I actually have no idea how I managed to decipher it enough to search for it properly), I would describe the film thusly:

"Imagine that a dance choreographer had one week to live, and he chose to put every idea he'd ever had into one last blow-out music video. I think this video is pretty close to what it would be like."

It's kind of weird at first, especially the high-pitched treatment the female vocals get, but dammit, it's catchy as hell, and the dance moves are really energetic. This makes ME want to shoot a crazy music video of some kind, because it looks like they're all having a hell of a good time.


Robin Alexander said...

That is pretty cool. Indian songs etc. tend so be catchy. And funny. The dancing is pretty darn good, but nothing beats the moves in Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Speaking of indians and MJ; check this one out.

Now that's funny.

Dorkman said...

Yeah, I like that one too. I actually posted about it a while back and I meant to follow it up pretty much right away with this one, but for some reason didn't.

Now I've seen other blogs posting it and I look like a biter. Just can't win.

Rin said...

Always loved Indian films. Even the tragedies and dramas have song and dance, its an integral part of the culture.