Thursday, January 08, 2009

One more post on Watchmen

Or at least so I say.

Lloyd Levin, one of the producers of the project, has written an open letter regarding his feelings on the matter. I figured given the he-said-he-also-said that I posted before, it was only fair to share something that was written by someone who was involved.

I just hope this gets settled so we can see this movie.

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TheGamut said...

The problem with the law is that, while it often attempts to determine morality, morality is not a consideration of the law. He makes a very emotional case (which is all fine and good), but it offers no assistance in settling the issue.

If there are contradictory contracts, someone made a mistake. It is my opinion (and I state only my opinion) to figure out where that mistake was made and start there. Unfortunately, I have not been following this battle closely so I don't know if that has already been determined.

IMHO when someone makes a mistake, they should be legally bound to deal with it and correct it. Yet, should be and are are not always in agreement. Still, I was raised to believe that when you make a mistake, you man-up, take responsibility and deal with the consequences.

So... where was the mistake made? Fox said "pass". Does that mean the property is released? Did Fox even still own the property at that time? Did WB expect to get the rights to make a product without actually having them before production? I don't know what all is involved, but I really believe it all hinges on the mistake that must have happened somewhere to create the legal contradiction.