Monday, February 04, 2008

Superbowl Ads

It's a strange thing that the Superbowl has become, the Superbowl of advertising. I mean, I get it -- it's the one time you KNOW that tens of millions of people are going to be tuned in. More, it's become tradition that those who don't even watch football will watch the Superbowl FOR THE ADS. It's the only television event I know of that people will TiVO so that they can fast forward TO the commercials.

So of course, it's self-perpetuating. The companies that can afford to do so make awesome ads because they know people will be watching, and people watch the ads because they expect them to be awesome.

All the ads are currently available on Myspace, but I wanted to highlight the one I liked most. It's the Tide to Go ad, launching what I assume is their new campaign.

My favorite part is how the stain suddenly and inexplicably sounds infuriated right near the end.

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