Friday, January 18, 2008

Cloverfield review forthcoming...maybe

I wrote a long review for Cloverfield, and then goddamn Safari crashed when I hit the "publish" button. And then it was gone.

Fuck. Me.

I really ought to have gotten into the habit of writing long posts in TextEdit to begin with, but here we are. I'll try again tomorrow.

I'll have you know the greatest irony is that my next post AFTER that was going to be a post extolling the need, as a creative, to ALWAYS have backups of EVERYTHING.

I'm going to sleep before I punch something.


Michael said...

Use FireFox, you fool, FireFox!

Master Zap said...

Uhm.... you are on Blogger. Blogger auto-saves drafts of everything. Well, at least when using a Real Browser.... ;)

Looking fwd to your Cloverfield review.

David said...

Whenever I type something long, I ALWAYS Copy it, just incase something like this happens.

RhysFletcher said...

Type it in word first, then copy and paste it in, then if the net crashes again you havent lost it.