Monday, December 10, 2007

In Soviet Russia, ass kicks YOU

So, I just got turned on to this scene from a movie called Undisputed 2. Sequel, presumably, to Undisputed. I have not seen either, but I LOVE a good fight scene.

This fight scene -- apparently the FIRST fight scene in the film -- definitely makes me want to see the movie. The action is maybe a bit too wushu to be believable in a kickboxing tournament, but I can forgive that because of the levels of awesome it achieves. And unlike many fight scenes today, the action is extremely well-shot. There's no cheating in quick cuts here. Just great, brutal choreography and performances.

I'm going to check YouTube for some other of my favorite fight scenes.


Rin said...

Nice. Lotta good shots, I like the POV of the guy on the floor. When he gets socked the camera rocks as if the viewer was getting hit.

Ryan said...

Pretty awesome. Does everything very well. Needs to be added to the mental library of scenes to be studied again and again, before making new fight scenes.

Ryan said...